Fire Suppression


Protect your valuable equipment and keep your property safe from fire.

Suppressions System-Semi-Annual Inspection & Certification of Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Our technician will test the detection line, replace the fusible links during each inspection, check fuel shutoffs, and the remote pull station. Then, we will verify that the nozzles are properly located over the appliances and check the test date of the system. We will update the service tag and a Commercial Cooking System Service and Inspection Report will be sent to you and the local Fire Department. This service work meets NFPA 17A 96 requirements.

Ansul System - Vent Hood Cleaning

We Clean the shield(s), damper(s), and/or blower housing(s) using special chemicals for cleaning grease. We also clean the exhaust fans in the roofs of the business and restaurants. We have technicians who specialize in this required cleaning under the NFPA 96 standards.

Pizza Oven Cleaning

Pizza Ovens should be given a standard cleaning of residue and debris daily, and thoroughly once a week after the oven has cooled down. First use a scraper and wire brush to lift the baked-on ash and debris from the inside of the oven, then remove using a brush and dust pan. Our Oven cleaning is recommended twice a year, where our services and cleaning crew takes all parts off the oven and soaks them in a degreaser and starts the cleaning process of the entire oven.






First Aid/Safety Kit

Special First Aid Kit Packages available. Inquiry at